​​We are a 501(c)3 charity

    Shelter Board President Chuck Smith's

     last gavel call.  He served 2007-2020,

      and passed the gavel to on 1/13/20

      to President Bob Davis.​

 Our Board Members

September 2020

Our Facility


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Author, and RCAS Board member, Elaine White, presenting the RCAS coverage in East Alabama Living magazine at our ​Board meeting 1/13/20.  

Edition:  Winter Holiday 2020

March 9, 2020

January 13, 2020

President Emeritus

Chuck Smith

Ellen Clack presented

her hand crochet paw

print scarves for sale 


       And modeled by

        Evelyn Smith

Custom scarf colors

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Our Mission - About Us

Outgoing President Smith presenting to Christina Hardin, an award of gratitude for her

8 years of service on the RCAS Board 2011-2019

Honorary Member Consultant: Dugald McMillan

Virginia Moore, Ellen White, Marty Kirby, Ellen Clack, Bob Davis,

April Richardson, Evelyn Smith, Deborah Gabriel, and Kimberly Hicks  Not Present:  Alice Ware, Tina Leath, Tracy Berry and Chuck Smith


2020 Board Members  (photo, above) 

Staff and Friends

April Richardson, Director of Operations

Rhonda Blackstone, Shelter Manager

Kristina Rush, Kennel Supervisor

​Michelle Waters, Kennel Technician

President:             Chuck Smith  
Vice-President:    Marty Kirby
Secretary:             Ellen Clack
Treasurer:             Elaine White
                               Evelyn Smith

                               Alice Ware

                               Deborah Gabriel

                               Bob Davis

                              Tommy Cain

                              Tom Lettieri

                               Tracy Berry

​                               Kimberly Hicks

                         April Richardson

RCAS Board meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 P.M., at Wedowee Town Hall.  Everyone is welcome.

Additional Services

 ​​​ ​​​Randolph County Animal Shelter  
104 Animal Shelter Road, Wedowee, AL. 36278 

  All visitors need an appointment and must also wear a mask, for social distancing  (256) 357-0101

Thank you for supporting YOUR Shelter.  

       We look forward to assisting you ! 

1. Individual and group tours and presentations at the  Shelter or at your location (no cost).
2. Printed material and information about animals
3. Contact information for animal organizations
4.  We accept for care the stray dogs and cats from our local area and we prepare them for adoption.
5.  We locate loving owners to adopt our healthy cats/kittens and dogs/puppies.
6.   We offer certified volunteer hours.
7.  All donations may be tax deductible. 

We are a 501(c3) organization, and we offer

donation receipts and acknowledgments letters.

OUR MISSION:  RCAS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to care for and find homes for the stray dogs and cats in our community.  We hope to eliminate animal suffering, improve animal health, foster greater appreciation for the human-animal bond and educate our community about animal concerns.  We are dedicated to finding each of our great animals their forever home.

ABOUT US:  We were founded by a group of determined people who saw the need for a warm and welcoming temporary home for the many abandoned animals that roamed the streets.  Our doors were opened in October 27, 2007, when we began finding loving families for all of our "second chance" animals!

We take pride in our helpful staff members and volunteers.  They put forth the extra time and compassion to make sure that all of our animals are given lots of love and attention.

We could not operate without the generosity of wonderful and caring people, such as yourself, who support us with monetary donations and membership fees, as well as everything from bleach to staples.  Your helping hands as volunteers allows us to spend that labor savings on our animal needs.

We are pleased that you enjoy our twice a year bargain book sales, raffles, and adoption events.  Thank you for supporting YOUR shelter!!