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​​​​​Our adoptable pet listings include a description and multiple photos.   Dogs have videos too.  

Most of our cats are litter box trained. 


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Come see us, after making an appointment by calling 256-357-0101 during business hours.  We reopened May 1, with safeguards in place.  

Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9am to 3pm CST.  We hope to see you soon!

Guidelines for Visiting

Please see Pet Services to read about spay/neuter benefits for you and your pet.  You will be amazed at the 'math' of how fast unaltered pets will multiply.

All RCAS animals must be spayed or neutered, with no exceptions as per State law.  Your adoption fee includes the altering of the pet.  Although some pets are altered in anticipation of adoption, some still need surgery.  If your pet is not yet altered, your paperwork will include the spay/neuter voucher for surgery and overnight lodging at the Vet's, if required.  (Be sure to inquire if there will be any additional fees for surgery on larger animals, or pregnant or 'in season' animals, or 'after surgery pain medicine').  You will schedule your own appointment at Twin Creeks Animal Hospital, in Ashland, AL., or inquire if your Vet will accept the voucher for our reimbursement.  You may also choose to use our monthly Spay Neuter Clinic services instead of Twin Creeks Animal Hospital.  Our Transport Director will be happy to discuss your Spay-Neuter options so you can make an informed decision.  Regardless of the surgery service you utilize, you must purchase a rabies shot if you are unable to provide written proof of current vaccination.

ALABAMA STATE LAW MANDATES RCAS to abide by Alabama State Law for all adopted pets:  Shelters are not allowed to adopt animals out for the purpose of breeding, and in fact all adopted dogs and cats must be either spayed or neutered within 90 days of the adoption.  The exception is if you adopt a puppy or kitten that is less than 6 months of age; in which case that animal needs to have surgery completed by six months of age.  Having your new family friend spayed or neutered insures that there are no unwanted litters and it greatly reduces the possibility of your treasured pet from wandering off and getting lost.  We are required to keep a close update on all adopted animals to insure compliance with this Law.

Are you looking for a specific type of pet?  We want your business!  We can email you the form below, or you can right click the form to print.  Email or mail it to us!  Or call us!  Either way we will contact you when your dream pet is waiting on you!

Spay and Neuter

A shelter is not a home.  Each pet deserves the love of their own humans!
Come meet your new friend and save two lives; the pet you are adopting,

and the kennel space YOU create for another orphaned pet.


Be Informed !

It brings us great joy when one of our amazing animals finds a loving family and new home to call their very own!  Our knowledgeable staff is anxious to assist a ‘fur-ever’ addition to your family.  We listen to your animal needs and wants and we can suggest an appropriate animal for your situation.  

Find more pet advice on this page and in our Pet Services section. We want you to spend as much time as you need asking questions about the breed and general care of your new pet.  Then get acquainted with your new BFF in our various meet and greet areas; indoors or fenced outdoors.  

We encourage you to use one of our leashes and take your new dog for a walk around our facility.

You can even bring your current pet to meet your prospective new pet, IF you make an appointment by calling us at (256)357-0101. 

Upon arrival at RCAS, please enter our front office without your pet, and a staff member will assist you.

Once you have chosen the animal that you believe will adjust quickly and easily into your life, we will make the adoption process just as smooth and worry free as possible.

You must be at least 18 years of age with a photo ID (driver license, student card, etc.) to sign the adoption application. We do allow out of county/state adoptions.  Upon approval of your application (normally ‘on the spot'), you will sign a few papers including your agreement to abide by the State of Alabama spay and neuter law.

It is extremely difficult on your adopted animal to be 'returned', so please ask about our 'return policy' before you adopt.  We discourage giving pets as 'gifts'.  Instead we suggest you purchase an Adoption Gift Certificate from us.  Let the recipient come choose the love of THEIR life, and you can tag along!

As you may know, we encourage RCAS adoptive parents to share their pet home photos with us.  Sometime we have space to use them, especially if you tell us a little about the pet, and the photo is of good resolution and quality.  Everyone loves a cute happy pic!  Thank you ;-)

Adopted Pet Galleries 2012-2017

Pets Available for Adoption

Adoption Procedures

Facebook Adoption Pics

We call it an Angel Donation Sponsorship because your gift may be the deciding factor for a 'in need client' who wants to adopt.

"Will today be the day I get adopted,

because YOU gave me a big paw up?"

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WE ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, by appointment only.  Please call 256 357-0101

 ​​​ ​​​Randolph County Animal Shelter  
104 Animal Shelter Road, Wedowee, AL. 36278 

  All visitors need an appointment and must also wear a mask, for social distancing  (256) 357-0101

Tips for a Successful Adoption

Adoption Fees

    For our pet's health and for your safety:

  1. Please enter through our office front door where you will be greeted by a staff member.  We pride ourselves on being as helpful as possible in meeting your needs and answering your inquiries.  We are pleased to give you a tour of our beautiful Shelter at any time during our normal business hours.
  2. We ask that you leave all 'incoming' animals in your vehicle, especially your 'home pets', until assisted by an employee.
  3. We ask parents and guardians to be vigilant in supervising their youths while on our premises.
  4. RCAS will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries occurring on our property.
  5. We require visitors to wash their hands before and after petting each animal to avoid spreading germs.  
  6. We have six hand washing stations conveniently located throughout the Shelter.
  7. To avoid dietary upset, we appreciate your not feeding our animals, unless approved by a staff member.

​​We are a 501(c)3 charity

Pet Request Form

Pick the pet of your choice (or we can), then decide how much of the adoption or spay/neuter fee you will be able to provide.  Your assistance could shave month's off the pet's wait time, as well as free up space for a new pet to take their kennel space.  We can also advise you which pet is the 'most in need'.  Sponsorship may be in any amount up to $99 for dogs and $32 for cats, which includes their spay or neuter surgery!  We are tickled to mail you a Sponsorship form.  Donations may be made by mail, in person, or by using our PayPal DONATE button at top.  Thank you for sharing your love of animals.  We will mail or email you a receipt of your 501(c)3 donation when $50 or more, as well as a photo of the pet with their adopter, when possible!

   Are payable by cash, check, or PayPal (arrange with us to send a payment request.)  Our fees are the lowest we can offer. Purebreds may cost more. 

   Adoption fees include current 'youth'  vaccinations, deworming, spay or neuter voucher (or the animal is already altered). 

   Generally, dogs do not come with a rabies shot, as this must be done by a Vet.

You must be at least 18 years old, with photo ID, to adopt.  You do not need to live in Randolph County to adopt, we also adopt

to out of state residents.

FAQ's on adopting a pet from us

Cats/Kittens           $32

Dogs/Puppies        $99