​​​ Unless noted, clippings are from our Randolph Leader newspaper.  We no longer list our weekly pets or spay/neuter ads.

12/2/20        Adopter Drives 9 Hours,Pg 7A

11/18/20      Jail and Bail Fundraiser outcome, Pg 6A

11/04/20    Jail and Bail Fundraiser November 7, 2020, Pg 1A

9/09/20     RCAS Book Sale by Appointments,Pg 7A

9/03/20       RCAS Book Sale by Appointment,Pg 7A

8/26/20       West GA Bass Club Tournament benefits RCAS, Pg 7A  

                   RCAS Book Sale by Appointment, Pg 8A

7/29/20      Spay Neuter Grant for CWACC,page 8A

7/22/20      RCAS Spay Neuter services for dogs and cats, page 1A  and page 2A

7/15/20      RCAS Provides Loving Pets Nationwide, page 8A     

6/17/20      Former Board member Dr. Tina Bradfield graduates UAB Vet school

5/20/20     Shelter Book sale rescheduled to Oct 10 and 17,page 8A

4/8/20       Shelter closed to public (COVID-19), and will re-open,page 8A

4/1/20       Shelter closed to public (COVID-19), and will re-open,page 7A

3/25/20     Book Sale now June 6 and 13; postponed to due to COVID-19, page 8A

3/18/20     Spring Book Sale, same story as 3/4/20, page 7A

3/11/20     Shelter asks public to Spay and Neuter their pets, page 4A 

3/11/20    Spring Book Sale, same story as below, page 7A

3/4/20      Spring Book Sale Coming, page 7A

1/29/20    RCAS Helps Community January 29 Newsletter, page 7A

1/15/20    Tiny's rescue flight and January newsletter,page 4A

12/18/19  Spay Neuter information, page 4A

11/20/19  October - November Newsletter , p8A

10/30/19  Book Sale results, page 6A

​10/9/19    Long Timer's No Adoption Fee Special and Book Sale and Raffle, and List of Needful Things, page 8A

9/11/19     Book Sale and Raffle Oct 12 & 19, page 2A, also 9/26/19 page 9A, and 10/2/19 page 7A and 10/9/19 page 8A

9/4/19       August newsletter,page 7A

8/7/19       July newsletter, page 7A

7/3/19       RCAS June newsletter, page 8A

6/26/19     Wedowee Marine Gold Sponsor,page 8A

6/5/19       RCAS May newsletter, page 7A 

​5/29/19     Book Sale, page 2A              (same story as below)

5/22/19     Book Sale, page 7A              (same story as below)     

5/15/19     Book Sale June 1, page 7A (same story as below)

​5/8/19       Book Sale June 1, part of Summer on Main, page 8A

4/17/19     Book Sale Earns $2877, plus March newsletter, page 8A

​3/13/19     Book sale, Fishing Tournament, special adoptions, page 9A   

3/6/19       Request books for our book sale, page 9A, andLow Cost Spay and Neuter service available to public, page 3B

2/20/19     February newsletter, Stevenson Cat Special, Sweetie rescue, page 7A

1/30/19     Girl Scouts visit with donations, page 7A

1/23/19     RCAS Thanks for successful 2018, page 9A

12/19/18   Santa Paws Gifts RCAS, page 10A

12/12/18   Pawsome Holiday Adoptions, front page and pg 9A

10/24/18   Book Sale Raffle Earn almost $7,000, front page

10/17/18   Final 2018 Book Sale/Raffle Oct 20, pg 2A

                 Spay Neuter prices, page 2A

10/10/18   Book Sale Raffle Oct 13 and 20  pg 2A

10/3/18     Book Sale_Raffle Oct 13 and 20  pg 5B

                 Oct 6 Raffle ticket sales at WalMart,page 2A

                 Silent Auction items at book sale,front page

9/26/18      Georgia Supporters bring donations  pg 9A

                  Spay Neuter prices   (large banner ad)  pg 10A

                  Book Sale  page 8A, Raffle and Tickets  pg 2A           

9/12/18      Book Sale_Raffle full information, pg 4A

9/5/18 and 9/12/18        Book Sale_Raffle Richard Petty Experience, pg 4A, and pg 9A

                  September Cat and Kitten $10 Special, pg 8A, and pg 5A

8/22/18      Spay Neuter services, pg 10A

8/1/18        Spay Neuter services, pg 9A

7/18/18      Spay Neuter Services, pg 9A

5/23/18      Book Sale June 2, pg 12A

                  Spay Neuter Clinic Pricespg 8B

4/25/18      Book Sale Profit $3,064 pg 2A

3/21/18      Spring Book Sale April 7 and 14  pg 3A (same story 3/28, 4/4, and 4/11)

                  Adopt a Puppy-Kitten Day at Fred's store  pg 8A

11/8/17      Book sale and Barktoberfest a Success!   page 8A

10/25/17    Book Sale and Barktoberfest, front page

9/20/17      Cat Adoption Specials, Barktoberfest, Book sales,page 2A    

8/16/17      5,000 Adoption event takes place 8/12/17, front page, page 3A

8/9/17        5,000th Adoption Celebration, front page

5/31/17      Spay and Neuter services available for ANY dog/cat, pg 8A         (same story as 4/26/17, click that link)

5/24/17      Spay and Neuter services available for ANY dog/cat,pg 11A       (same story as 4/26/17, click that link)

5/10/17      Spay and Neuter services available for ANY dog/cat,pg 9A         (same story as 4/26/17, click that link)

5/3/17        Spay and Neuter services available for ANY dog/cat,pg 10A       (same story as 4/26/17, click that link)

4/26/17      Spring Book Sale and Raffle earn $7,188  page 2A

                  RCAS offers Spay and Neuter services for any dog or cat   page 2A

3/29/17      Spring Book Sale same as below, page 7A, also on 4/5 and 4/12.

3/22/17      Spring Book Sale and Raffle on April 8 and 15, page 2A

3/1/17        Publisher Stevenson editorial asking you to donate locally to RCAS where you see results, page 6A      

                  Spring Book Sale, same as below, page 4A

2/22/17      Spring Book Sale April 8 and 15, Raffle April 15 noon.  NEW: Canine DNA testing, page 2A

2/22/17      RCAS President Smith thanks Randolph Leader, Penny Pool and community, page 7A

2/15/17      Wedowee Elementary students collect donations for RCAS pets, page 10A

12/28/16    Progress at shelter, donation needs, page 1A, page 2A  

11/2/16      Seattle adopter arrives at Barktoberfest to take Juno home!, page 8A
Rotary and Interact Club collect donations for RCAS, page 8A, 
10/19/16    Rotary, as above, page 8A

10/5/16      Barktoberfest event, Book Sale, Spay Neuter sign up, page 4A

9/28/16      Barktoberfest event, page 2A  Book Sale,  page 7A,  
Paw It Forward Spay/Neuter program, page 7A
Barktoberfest event, book sale, new Paw It Forward Spay/Neuter program, front page
Barktoberfest event, book sale pending, new Paw It Forward Spay/Neuter program, front page
Wedowee Marine makes $9,070 donation to RCAS,page 2
Randolph County Boys and Girls Club host Dog Show results, page 9A
Randolph County Boys and Girls Club hosts Dog Show, front page 
Book sale raises $8,613, progress with Spay and Neuter services, page 4A
Boat races to be continued with RCHS PTO, front page
Book sale nets $5,131 profit, page 4A
Volunteers needed at RCAS, page 6A
Spay and Neuter program launched at RCAS, front page and Ed page 6A
RCAS youth program at Wedowee Elementary School, page 3B
Book sale matching funds by Woodman of America, page 2A
10/7/15      Book Sale, as above, pages 7A  and 10A
Book sale donations needed, and puppy nursery needs, page 4A
Shelter donations from boat race and bake sale, page 1B
Shelter and others receive donations from boat races, page 5B
Red Hatters donate to RCAS, page 9A
RCAS involvement in rescue, page 2A
Book Sale proceeds $6,996,page 5A
4/15/15      Same as 3/18/15, page 8A
4/8/15        Same as 3/18/15, page 8A
3/25/15      Same as 3/18/15, page 2A
Book sale April 11 and 18, pg 2B
  Boat Builder's clinic and t-shirt art winners 2015 boat races,pg 4A
RCAS wins Chamber of Commerce 2014 Community Service award, front pg
Fur baby donation trees at local banks, page 10A
12/10/14    Same story as above 
Pumpkin Spice and her12 pups found half frozen at our gate, front page
12/3/14      Same story at 11/26/14
Kitty special through 12/25/14 page 3A
State Representative Bob Fincher and Sheila Fincher work the cat room, pg 2A
Roanoke Rotary and Handley Interact Clubs donate pet supplies to our shelter, page 2A
RCAS Final book sale of the year page 2A
10/8/14       Same story as above, page 3A
Roanoke Rotary Club and Interact Club collect supplies for RCAS page 2A
RCAS Book sale Oct 11 & 18, with silent auction too! page 9A
9/24/14       Same story as above,  page 9A,
RCAS Ride a Hawg and Save a Dog Bike Rally Results page 11A
RCAS book sales October 11 and Oct 18, page 5A
RCAS fun-raiser bike ride   Page 10A
RCAS requests additional funding from Roanoke City Council Page 2A
Foundation for Randolph County Schools using boat race funds for schools as promised Page 4A
Saddle A Hawg and Save a Dog motorcycle fun-raiser for RCAS 8/30/14 Page 6A
Rosie (dog) opens kennels for her playmates while we are not looking Front page
Saddle A Hawg and Save A Dog motorcycle fun-raiser for RCAS 8/30/14  Page 9A
Smith Sign Dedication Front page photo
Otto New Shelter Mascot    Page 9A
Schools Announce New Programs  Page 3B
Front page photo   Front page story   Page 15A photos
6th Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Races this weekend, including schedule of events!
April book sale profit $8,467
Boat Race Entry Deadlines approach and Final April Book Sale 4/19
Cowboy, the baby kangaroo, visits RCAS
Boat Race Clinics   Boat Race Tshirt design winners
RCAC breaks adoption record again...60 in November!
RCAS breaks adoption record again
RCAS Boat Race Transition  Shelter Senior Adoption Special
Book sales earn over $3,500
Book sale October 5, re children's books
5/22/13       Boat race winner list and many photos page 1   Page 4

                   Nathan Young's photo blog for 5/13/13 boat races at GeekAlabama.com  and his 8 minute video
                   Our best photos from 5/11/13 boat races  Album OneAlbum TwoAlbum 3
5/15/13       5th Annual Boat Races make $20,857 profit for our critters!
5th Annual Boat Races are coming May 11, 2013      Book sale earns $5,750
29 Christmas adoptions plus upcoming 4/13 auction and book sales in April 
Paddlin' 4 Paws Boat Builders classes scheduled for Feb 7 and Feb 9
Santa Paws Adoption event and Cleburne County Nursing Home adopts 'Faith' into their family
Pork Chop the pig is rescued at RCAS
Barktoberfest adopts 9 animals.  5 year adoption total 1,152 !
Book Sale earns $8,926, and Barktoberfest adoption event Oct 23-27

10/10/12    Artist Suzan Scholl donates painting to RCAS book sale
9/19/12      Local officials tour animal shelter improvements 
front page  page 2
October 6 and 13 book sale
Woodmen of America donate up to $2,500 matching funds for October 2012 book sale
Letter to the Editor; Thank God for the Randolph County Animal Shelter
RCAS has 1,000th adoption !
Blind cat adopted by RCAS staff member
2012 race coverage  Editorial Letters to the Editor
Races are this Saturday

4/04/12     Our latest RCAS improvements
Roanoke boat builder's clinic photo
RCAS speaks to Kiwanis Club about the races
Cardboard boat race clinic
1/18/12     Cardboard Boat Race:  
Free Builder's Clinics in February
22 dogs and cats are adopted during Santa Paws Christmas event
12/21/11   Editor's letter encouraging 
Christmas pet adoptions
Santa Paws Christmas Adoptions in progress
RCAS enters first float in Wedowee Christmas parade Photos
RCAS semi-annual book sale earns $5,517
RCAS rescues 'frozen' iquana
RCAS rescues starving Wadley pups
RCAS progress with Roanoke dog/cat rescues
8/27/11     Pell City Civitan Club      
Boat race photos
                    Logan Martin Lake Life   
Vid (at 8, 9, and 12 minutes) and Vid
                    Logan Martin Lake Life  
RCAS kayak competes at Pell city cardboard boat race story + vid
8/26/11     Daily Home newspaper     RCAS Pell City cardboard boat race Story

8/17/11     Rescue of "hoarder's" 80 dogs/cats in Roanoke   
Front Page    Inside Page 
5/18/11     We raise $12,300 @3rd annual boat races 
 Front Page   Inside Page
RCAS hosts Roanoke boat builders clinic
Getting ready for the 2011 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta Races
3/17/11     Anniston Star newspaper  Office Mgr Debbie Moncrief  featured in this 
story about our Shelter
3/15/11     USA Waterski magazine    
RCAS fundraisers pg 28,  our second time in the world's largest ski mag!
2/09/11     Anniston Star newspaper  
RCAS boat builders clinic
RCAS boat builders clinic
Cardboard Boat Building Clinic
11/09        USA Waterski magazine   Our ski meet fundraisers featured in the world's largest ski magazine!

RCAS in the News!

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