Did you know that 'unfixed' cats and dogs can multiply so quickly?  YIKES! Who can afford that?

This program can help you improve the quality of life for ANY dog or cat, no matter where you live or where you got your pet.


We developed this program to help all pet owners, October 2015; The Randolph Leader newspaper front page, 10/21/15

From March 2016 through November 17,2020 the mobile transport services from our location, have assisted 1,386 dogs and cats 'get fixed'. 

Clients served: 708 dogs and 678 cats, including feral cats.  

Prove your love; spay or neuter today!

Your Vet inserts a small chip under the shoulder skin and it should not cause any comfort issue for your pet.  You then list your pet with the national registry base.  Most Vet's have chip scanners and will perform a chip scan for found animals, at no charge.  If your pet roams or could be a flight risk due to fireworks, an open gate/door, or car escape, you have a chance to help your pet get home.  About $30 cost, immeasurable value for peace of mind.

Dog and Cat Boarding

Pet Microchips

Fixin' your critter is the smart choice, and RCAS can help!

Avoid the expense and time of raising litters.  You will be part of the solution to reduce the number of strays without hope, and overpopulate a neighborhood.  Additional benefits of spaying your females and neutering your males              "I'm not altering my pet"...  debunking misconceptions

Pricing Does Not Include:

1.  Supply your dog's current rabies certificate (signed by a Vet) no later than the day you drop off your pet off for surgery.  Without written proof, you will be required to pay for another shot at $15 prior to the pet's transport to the surgical center.  
2.  'After surgery pain medicine' is optional, at $5.  This must be paid prior to your pet's transport to the surgical center.

RCAS is Mandated to Abide by Alabama State Law for all Adopted Pets:

Shelters are not allowed to adopt animals out for the purpose of breeding, and in fact all adopted dogs and cats must be either spayed or neutered within 90 days of the adoption.  The exception is if you adopt a puppy or kitten that is less than 6 months of age; in which case that animal needs to have surgery done by six months of age.  Having your new family friend spayed or neutered insures that there are no unwanted litters and it greatly reduces the possibility of your treasured pet from wandering off and getting lost.  We are required to keep a close update on all adopted animals to insure compliance with this Law.

Normally the 4th Thursday of the month we send our and your animals to the Alabama Spay/Neuter clinic in Irondale, AL. to get 'snipped' ie altered.    
The transport vehicle comes to RCAS.  It has heat or A/C in the pet carrier section, depending on the season.  Prepayment is required.  Please contact our Transport Director for advance reservations, to assure your pet's space.



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Spay and Neuter

DATE: 01/27/21

Pet Services


A Class C Felony punishable by up to $15,000 fine and/or imprisonment for 10 years.

Federal:  1/1/16 animal cruelty became a Class A

felony, as per the F.B.I.

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 private shelter, with limited funds.  We would love to help every animal that needs help, but that is just not possible. 

We can not accept pets with hair loss due to possible mange, pregnant or nursing animals, aggressive or sick animals. 

It hurts when we have to turn one away, but we have a shelter full of dogs and cats that we also have to consider.  Thank you for your understanding.

We look forward to your call!  (256)357-0101

Reservations are required for this monthly service.  Call the Transport Director Marie Greeson 256-276-6550 for information.  She will address all your questions, specific to your pet's needs.  Be sure to inquire if there are additional fees for large, 'in season' pets or if your pet will require a rabies shot.    Spay-Neuter Gift Certificate    Spay-Neuter FAQ's

RCAS adopted dogs and cats are generally spayed at our local Vet in Ashland as part of their adoption fee, but you may inquire about your options from our staff or Robyn, the Transport Director.  

Low Cost  -  High Quality 

Spay and Neuter Service

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 ​​​ ​​​Randolph County Animal Shelter  
104 Animal Shelter Road, Wedowee, AL. 36278 

  All visitors need an appointment and must also wear a mask, for social distancing  (256) 357-0101

Services you may want and how to find them

Dogs: $12 per day, and $8 extra for a second dog in same family, in the same kennel, if size appropriate, in our opinion.

Cats:  $10 per day, and $5 extra for second cat in same family, in the same kennel, if size appropriate, in our opinion.

501(c)3 Organizations

​​We are a 501(c)3 charity

You could also contact CWACC - Spay in Clay (Facebook) or www.cwacc.net/  We both use the same spay and neuter clinic, with transport service.